Why vote? Because …

150,000 children are counting on your vote on November 4th. Please don’t let them down.

Actually, do not wait until Nov. 4th, find an early voting location today and go vote.

Today, please.

**NOTE: The CSC reauthorization language is listed AFTER Amendment #3  on page 2 (bottom right corner of the page).**

Voters  Supported Creation of CSC 

In 2000, Broward County voters created what is now called the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. Since its creation, more than 150,000 children have benefitted from the more than 150 programs, which are run by organizations such as Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF.)

One out of every four children in Broward County receives services from programs funded by the CSC through its 100 community partners.

Florida ranks 49th LOWEST out of 50 states in per capita education funding

Why did we –  the voters – decide to create the CSC?

Because we care about our children.

And because we wanted to ensure that in South Florida our children’s public education investment would be augmented by meaningful programs and services.

Florida’s track record in education spending is distressingly low.
We currently rank 49th out of 50 states in per capita spending.

What impact do CSC dollars have on our children? 

We can share some statistics from Hispanic Unity. HUF has been funded by the CSC since 2001.

Impact on Middle School teens served by HUF:

  • 5,000 children served since 2001
  • 99% abstained from alcohol/drugs
  • 91% improved grades and/or attendance

Impact on High School youth served by HUF:

  • 73% improved science scores
  • 74% improved math scores
  • 80% seniors accepted to college

What can you do? 

Please vote! 

HUF College Readiness 25

Several of our college-bound students who graduated in 2014 from Miramar High School.

Click here to learn more about the CSC reauthorization.

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