Thank you & Farewell Dream-Makers

Imagine a workplace where you are offered a smile when you enter, no matter what is going on. Where teamwork and “selflessness” are not mere words. Hispanic Unity is such a place. It’s an organization with team members who join us because they share our values and believe in our movement: to keep the American dream alive.

It is difficult to identify two exceptional individuals among the many incredibly dedicated and talented team members at HUF. We are 175 strong.

But two HUF colleagues, Lucienne Brutus and Angelica Hernandez stand out. Lucienne joined HUF 10 years ago and Angelica seven.

382_2011hufgala_img_6993And, they are bidding HUF farewell.

Today on Thanksgiving Day Week we give thanks for having known and worked side by side with Lucienne and Angelica. We thank them for their selfless service. We thank them for all they have given of themselves to our clients and our community.

And, we also are joyful for both of them.

Prior to joining the HUF team Lucienne worked at the American Embassy in her island of birth, Haiti. She speaks four languages. She has a law degree. Lucienne has led HUF’s Center for Working Families program which is a based on a national model to assist clients to become self-sufficient. She was instrumental in launching the program and in making it what it is today.

Angeimg_00000503lica has been the face of HUF for many years now. She is the one our clients call at HUF – and on her personal phone – when they are desperate. Angelica is our front desk case manager and our also is part of the family strengthening team.

Both have many things in common – but  one attribute stands out: Both often visit me and whisper in my ear – “this is a very difficult case, I think you should get involved.” What that means is this, “I need you to get the whole community involved.” And we do. We mobilize everyone – other HUF team members, board members, past board member and committee members, our funders, partners and donors. Together we triage the most intractable situations.

Neither of these two individuals ever, ever, ever says NO. The most hesitation you will hear is, “let me think about this one.”

Moving Forward

Lucienne returns to the home she left more than 10 years ago and will rejoin her physician husband who never left Haiti. Her future remains open to new opportunities.

Angelica will be working for the government. A mom of three – also caring for her ill mom – has a dream of buying a home. Her new job – with greater earning potential and great benefits – will ensure that she reaches that dream.

On this Thanksgiving Day Week we give thanks that HUF is a place where individuals like Lucienne and Angelica feel welcomed and empowered to help thousands on their journey to their dream. And that HUF is also a place where two exceptional women were able to create their own dreams.

It is now their turn to take flight and to live their American dream.

Merci beaucoup mes amies – abrazo a las dos.

My friends, thank you very much. A big hug to you both.

Your colleagues and friends at HUF send you off with much love and gratitude and with the reassurance that HUF houses many other dream makers inside its American dream-making machine.

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