Dreamers: They are America’s Children

This is the only country most have ever known.

They speak English, and it’s often their main language.

They have one of the highest college completion rates – 85% – according to a recent study.

They serve in the armed forces or students.

They are lawyers, nurses, teachers and small business owners.

They are making significant contributions to our economy. And removing them will result in a DECREASE in GDP of $460 BILLION over the next decade.

They are some of the 800,000 Dreamers that are part of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) program whose fate will be determined, many believe, on September 5th.

And above all, they are our children, America’s children. They represent the best of our country – they want to contribute. They want to succeed professionally. They want to change the world.

And they want, above all, to stay and be given a shot at continuing to build their lives in the U.S.

And, on Sept. 5th  – the country they LOVE – the country they are willing to die for – their country – may turn them away.

Below are links to several recent editorials on why you should care and what you can do on their behalf.

The Moral Argument by Dr. Padron, President of Miami-Dade College

The Economic Argument By Tom K. Wong, Greisa Martinez Rosas, Adam Luna, Henry Manning, Adrian Reyna, Patrick O’Shea, Tom Jawetz, and Philip E. Wolgin


For now, the Trump Administration should allow DACA to remain in place by NOT rescinding this Executive Order. But the long term solution is for Congress to pass legislation that provides a permanent fix for these youth.

Below you can find out more information on the options, as well as talking points.

What you can do

Contact your Congressional Delegation– in particular Senator Rubio and ask him to support one of the several immigration bills that would provide support relief to the Dreamers OR ask the President to NOT rescind DACA!

Don’t wait. Make the call today – right now!

Thank you,

Josie Bacallao

P.S. If you support the Dreamers, you’re in good company. Eight out of every 10 Americans believe they should remain in the U.S. Remind your congressional representatives about this!


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