35 Years of Impact: The Power of Community

The Community Unites to Make Life Comfortable for Grandma, Charnecia, and Marqis

Watch the video!ElDorado.png

Earlier this year at HUF… Together, Grandma Gwendolyn, Charnecia and Marqis are a close-knit family. Gwendolyn has long since cared for the children as her own. But recently, hardship struck the household.

The lease on the family’s home was rejected for renewal. They had been living in the hot South Florida weather with no air conditioning, and the house desperately needed repairs. Though Grandma Gwendolyn was able to find a new place to live, the family was without furnishings or even beds to sleep on.

Luckily, Charnecia and Marquis were enrolled in Hispanic Unity’s Unity 4Teens Afterschool and Summer school Program at McNicol Middle School. Grandma Gwendolyn shared their needs with the school, and through Hispanic Unity, the family was able to get new beds, dressers, and night tables courtesy of Channel 7 and El Dorado Furniture. Employees of Hispanic Unity also contributed with a dining table and living room furniture. They made the new house into a home!

Their future awaits: Charnecia dreams of being in law enforcement and Marqis wants to pursue a career in basketball, where his talent has already earned him many awards.

Photo Jul 24, 11 10 09 AM

Gwendolyn has shared her gratitude, saying: “We’re blessed, we’re just so happy and thankful to be able to sleep in comfortable beds, and thankful. I didn’t expect this, I want to cry but I want to be happy!”

That’s the power of community! Thank you to El Dorado Furniture and WSVN Channel 7 for making life comfortable for this family. We are all full of gratitude and joy because of your generosity. Bravo!

Photo Jul 24, 11 14 42 AM.jpg

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