Unified Voices at HUF #RiseAbove

For the past 35 years, HUF has assisted individuals seeking freedom and opportunity on their journey to their American dream.

While working on our mission of Empowering a New Generation of Americans, we have always been committed to diversity, cultural awareness and non-discrimination, as noted by our values.  We made a promise to ourselves and the community that the message of acceptance and tolerance would always be expressed in everything we say and do.

Our commitment is reflected in the clients we serve. Our doors and our services are available to anyone who needs them. We serve individuals from 25 different countries, and we do this work in four languages. Forty percent of our clients are non-Hispanic, and we’re proud that our clients, staff, and partners reflect our rich diversity.

We believe that every American should have an opportunity to live his or her American dream. Embracing diversity makes us stronger as a community and as a country. And we have proof of that at our organization where the diversity of our staff and clients is one of our strongest differentiators as an organization. It defines who we are and what we do.

Reaching out to others who are different from us is the first step to understanding “the other” and to begin the work of recognizing that we all want essentially the same things for ourselves and our families: a good paying job, affordable shelter, access to health and education and the public space to engage in civic life.

Reaching out is the first step we must take to Rise Above the caustic and negative narrative that is dividing us as a country and holding us back from creating the future we all aspire to.

We want to hear from you! 

In this space, we encourage you to share your stories, ideas, and actions that show how people and communities are working together to ensure America reaches its highest potential.


#RiseAbove is a national campaign championed by UnidosUS.

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1 Response to Unified Voices at HUF #RiseAbove

  1. Our diversity is what makes us stronger, it should not be what divides us. My experience with HUF has brought me to work with a diverse group of people toward a common goal – making the American dream accessible for ALL of us. Keep up the great work!

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