Meet Lesbia

Thanks to @Citi Foundation #ProgressMakers, Lesbia makes her career dream a reality!


When Lesbia was very young, her parents made a difficult decision. They wanted a better future for their family, so they moved from Central America to the U.S. to find it.

During that period, her parents were back and forth between the countries, and Lesbia rarely saw them. Six years later, she finally joined them on American soil.

When she started school, Lesbia couldn’t speak English. Other kids made fun of her name. She struggled.

But eventually, she learned to stop caring what other people thought. She realized that this new country held a wealth of opportunities.

As time went on and they worked to adjust to the U.S., other members of Lesbia’s family found Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF). They referred her, and after obtaining a work permit, she was able to get temporary child care assistance at HUF.

HUF changed Lesbia’s life. She was supported by multiple HUF programs, including Income Support, Financial Literacy, and the Bridge Program, where she completed the Customer Service and Sales Training, as well as the Patient Care Technician EKG/Phlebotomy Training. She’s currently finishing a class in math at Sheridan Technical School, and has a bright future.

Thanks to HUF, Lesbia’s family will no longer live paycheck to paycheck, and she, her husband, and her children will live better lives.


The Bridge Program at Hispanic Unity opens up a world of opportunities! With the generous support of @Citi Foundation and the Community #ProgressMakers grant, program participants have access to tuition assistance for career pathways in high demand fields, including national certifications in Patient Care Technician (PCT) and Customer Service and Sales Training (CSST).


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