We Stand With the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community (AAPI)

We stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community (AAPI). We abhor the violence against the Asian community. Violence against AAPI has grown by 150% since the start of the pandemic.

Many of us are searching for ways we can respond to the recent violence in Atlanta and throughout the U.S.

Take a look at Catalyst Miami’s In Solidarity with Our Asian American Community: An Action Guide. Learn more here.

You also can find a comprehensive Anti-Asian Violence resources here.

USAHello has created an informational page with ways we can educate ourselves about the AAPI community as well as how to work toward eradicating racism. Learn more here.

While our South Florida Asian community has been largely spared what we are seeing played out nationally, learn more about our Asian neighbors. Visit Florida Asian Services and donate your time or funds to strengthen their work.

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