The Redistricting Process Begins

Across the country, officials have begun to meet to begin the redistricting process. Redistricting happens every ten years to make sure political boundaries align with population trends found in each new national census that took place the previous year. Because of Florida’s population growth in the last ten years, the state has gained one representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. But redistricting isn’t just about who represents us in Washington, D.C. It occurs at all levels of government.

It’s important to know that this process isn’t up to just elected officials. Community members like you can participate and make suggestions because no one knows their neighborhood and its needs better than the people who live there. Public meetings are usually held for different levels of government. Attending these public meetings and advocating for your interests can lead to district boundaries that work well for everyone for the next ten years.

Broward County has selected Florida International University (FIU) to lead the redistricting process at the county level. Public meetings will be hosted for community members to provide input into the process. It’s essential to make the redistricting process as democratic as possible. When residents make their voices heard, they can make sure redistricting produces equitable political maps.

Find more information regarding the redistricting process in Broward County here:

Find more information regarding the redistricting process in Florida here:

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