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35 Years of Impact: The Power of Community

The Community Unites to Make Life Comfortable for Grandma, Charnecia, and Marqis Watch the video! Earlier this year at HUF… Together, Grandma Gwendolyn, Charnecia and Marqis are a close-knit family. Gwendolyn has long since cared for the children as her own. But … Continue reading

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Bank Executive: Why he supports “Dreamers”

Guest Columnist Luis G. Lobo is an executive in the banking industry. Children are not held responsible for the actions of their parents. In a free society, we long ago established that the actions of parents were not held against their children. … Continue reading

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Dreamers: They are America’s Children

This is the only country most have ever known. They speak English, and it’s often their main language. They have one of the highest college completion rates – 85% – according to a recent study. They serve in the armed … Continue reading

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35 Years of Impact: After reaching her dream, Gladys turned to helping others achieve theirs

Gladys Obando came to the United States from Panama at sixteen years old, leaving behind her family and everything she knew. While they stayed in close touch – joyfully celebrating everything from birthdays to Gladys’ high school graduation by phone … Continue reading

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The Broward County Bar Association recognizes Josie Bacallao, HUF’s President & CEO with the Liberty Bell Award

Joining Josie for the luncheon were former and current HUF Board Members. L-R (Back) Christina Paradowski, Board Member; Willy Gomez, Board Chair; Nydia Menendez, Board Member Emeritus; Chuck Tatelbaum, Chair-Elect; (front) Josie Bacallao, CEO; Maria Elena Ferrer, Board Member Emeritus; … Continue reading

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by Maria Sanjuan – Part 2 (Conclusion) Click here to read PART 1 of this story. “As HUF began to expand, it became clear that we needed a larger space. With much convincing, the City of Hollywood Commissioners agreed to … Continue reading

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by Maria Sanjuan – Part 1 of 2 A New Immigrant “As a philanthropist, I believe in creating opportunities for others – in fostering a sense of empowerment. In essence: teach someone to fish so they’ll never go hungry. This is … Continue reading

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