HUF Celebrates 35 Years

In commemoration of HUF’s 35th Anniversary, and to honor the enormous contributions along this journey, HUF is publishing a selection of client stories and guest blogs written by HUF collaborators. Our aim is to celebrate our diversity and social impact, and in some cases, continue conversations set aside nearly thirty-five years ago.


Diversity makes America stronger. When we #RiseAbove [] fear and division, we can accomplish great things together. These are some of the stories of how people in our community come together to help each other thrive, and how America’s diversity helps us innovate and solve problems using creative solutions.

Eugenio R. Torres, Founder of Hispanic Unity

eugenio-video2COMCAST INTERVIEW WITH HUF Founder Eugenio Torres and HUF CEO Josie Bacallao

Maria Sanjuan portrait_squareThe STORY OF HUF’s BEGINNING
Maria Sanjuan, HUF’s Driver of Growth

Maria Sanjuan -videoINTERVIEW WITH HUF’S Driver of Growth, Maria Sanjuan

eBookHUF eBook — 35 Years of Impact!

35 Years of Impact: After reaching her dream, Gladys turned to helping others achieve theirs

Gladys - Interview2

35 Years of Impact: English classes and job training at HUF changed Tania’s and her children’s lives… for good!

Copy of CC Tania Chinchilla - white back

35 Years of Impact: The Community Unites to Make Life Comfortable for Grandma, Charnecia, and Marqis


35 Years of Impact: See how the Puerto brothers celebrate diversity by transforming fruits into exotic flavors

huf-0212HUF’s Te Ayudo Program, Funded by Humana, Helps Shape a Healthier Future for our Community

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