Driver’s Licenses for immigrants regardless of immigration status

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia already allow immigrants who are undocumented to apply for driver’s licenses, which can help them get better jobs, make roads safer, and modestly reduce insurance premiums. Not only would the fees from new driver’s licenses generate much-needed state revenue, but when workers can get better-paying jobs, they spend more, further boosting Florida’s economy.

Research by Stanford University found that hit-and-run accidents in California had decreased by about 4,000 in the first year the state’s law was in effect. In addition to the decline in hit-and-run accidents, the state saw savings for California drivers of $3.5 million in out-of-pocket expenses for property damage.

States generate revenue from driver’s education, application processing fees, testing fees, vehicle registration fees, and property taxes. In the fiscal note on Nevada’s legislative bill, the state Department of Motor Vehicles estimated first-year revenues of $1.4 million, offset by first-year costs of $713,000, which included a one-time charge of $75,000. (